The following templates are provided for your own use.  Remember a template is only a starting point for training, you must bend templates to your needs as you learn your body.  The first template is the most recent adaption of the current training cycle I am following.  Good luck and enjoy your training.

The 5-4-3 Workout

Change only the yellow cells on the first sheet or the PR weights for reps one through 5 on the last sheet. The second sheet shows my proposed layout for the days of the week during the cycle. The asterisk on the front squat listing refers to the Russian squat template, which will be uploaded shortly. During the front squat cycle the light and heavy days correspond with the same for the Russian squat template.
Russian Squat
and Russian Power
Change only the cells which are yellow. I have included the original 6-week Russian squat, my modified 9-week Heavy/Light variation of the 6-week Russian squat and the 9-week, three lift, Russian Power. I have had success using the 6-week Russian squat program for both the squat and bench. For all three programs it is generally recommended to avoid most assistance work, if not all together. I have found that at the end I enjoy a crescendo type growth in strength and that I can handle much higher percentages than those prescribed. I would caution exuberance in exchange for long-term progress.
Smolov and
Smolov Junior
Change only the yellow cells.  Smolov Junior works well for bench press and squat.  During Smolov and Smolov Junior it is recommended that assistance work be minimized or avoided all together.