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In celebration of three snow days in Athens, GA and five continuous days off after a all too generous Christmas and New Years break I offer up these photos of my holiday festivities.

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Where I’ve Fallen

Today I came home early from work to hold my son. I sang to him and cried at how happy it made me to have him in my life. The thing is, he is already more than I am, or will be. He is the greatest gift his mother and I have ever received. He is God’s breath in my life, the buttress of my faith, the hope for a better tomorrow, and how I define love. My failures fade in the brilliance of his being.

Elijah tempers my faults. When my hands are clenched in rage he unfurls them with innocence. When I boil with frustration and contempt for the moments of my life I find unbearable, he calms. If I grab and hold steadfast to intolerance, he reaches with open arms to embrace the unknown. Every dream I carry each day in flights of fancy is replaced with the solid hope for his happiness and strong growth. He gives me reason to covet only he and his mothers comfort in times of need and fills my heart when it feels empty.

Elijah is my dreams growing each day. Each tomorrow is filled with a chance to carry him through the trials of his life. Whether it be helping him roll from his belly to his back and back to his belly again, or celebrating his first time catching a ball. Comforting him after a fall when all he needs is to know I am there, or sitting with him when he first falls in love and when he taste the sting of lost love.

It is only fitting to close this thought with humble appreciation for the wife who carried Elijah for nine months and birthed him into this world, with awe of a God who made it possible to spread joy in such a profound way, and with unyielding love for a son whom I hope will only taste the best of life, but should he face trials, that he face them squarely and rise above them.

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The End of Elijah and Dad Fridays

Today is my first Friday without Elijah since the Fall semester began. The new nanny works Fridays. This will be my first Friday in over two months without little man. I still recall my struggles first to get him changed, dressed, and fed on our day. This took almost a month. Then the struggle to get out and get things done with Elijah in tow, and the day Ann told me “just get him dressed and fed, then put him in the car and go.” The latter statement was my catalyst for many days of happiness, parading my proudest accomplishment about. I used my new found courage to take Elijah to Barnes and Noble to meet Henri and the morning crowd, to run too the bank and meet the ladies, and to run by school and let the ladies of the math department staff and building staff enjoy his tendency to smile easy. That ended for the foreseeable future today.

It was the kind of day when a parent hands off their child and feels a bit bad for the nanny. Elijah’s nighttime schedule was off and he woke up early at 7:26. This, in and of itself, is not the harbinger of a difficult day, but little man was in his “don’t set me down mood.” As usual, his morning diaper was an epic pee diaper. Elijah was jovial on the changing table, seemingly his favorite place in the house sometimes. However, when it was time to feed him things went awry. First the milk flowed freely out of the nipple of the bottle as a fountain. This presents a couple complications; 1. milk pours onto the face your child as you try to hit the open hole anticipating a bottle and 2. when you get the bottle in their mouth they get milk so quickly they immediately open their mouths and dribble milk everywhere. Solution, or so I thought, add just enough rice cereal to make it viscous enough not to flow more freely than desired. Alas, Elijah had already made his decision, he would demand a bottle, but only dribble the milk out the side of his mouth when given.

Truth be told, I’d rather have this bad day with Elijah than be without him. He is always fun. He is always handsome. He is always engaged. He is just, sometimes, a bit high maintenance. This being our first child I am assuming all children are high maintenance. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t need us. So, I bid farewell to my high maintenance Fridays with the son in whom I am much pleased and carry dreams for which he has not even formulated yet. I wish him the best with his new nanny and send him my love when we are apart, I wait anxiously for our time together each time we are apart, and send him all my strength and love for the times when all he wants is to be held by those who love him.

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NOTLD Day 23, Bench PR

Nice follow up day after my rough day squatting. Add to it this was done at 10 PM after getting up at 7:30, grading the first calculus test for my class and after two hours of softball practice and I am quite pleased.

On bench I went up to 308 x 4. The first rep was paused, but inadequately so. The four reps at 308 best my best TNG by 8 pounds and my best paused four by 22 pounds. I then went on to hit a close-grip PR of 292 x 4. I had never established a four rep PR, but my closest prior PR was 275 x 6. My best close-grip single is 308, so this was nice.

This was the day I needed. My bench has shown me no love for a number of months, other than not going down. It was the one lift I feared I would not crush my numbers from last years Georgia this year. Two waves left.

Here are the numbers followed by the video:

Bench press 44 x 20, 132 x 10, 198 x 3; add WWs 254 x 2; start pausing 1st rep
308 x 4; 22 lb PR
Close-grip BP 154 x 5, 198 x 5; add WWs 254 x 5, 292 x 4; PR of sorts*
Cross bench dumbbell pullover 60 x 8, 70 x 8, 80 x 8

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