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Where I’ve Fallen

Today I came home early from work to hold my son. I sang to him and cried at how happy it made me to have him in my life. The thing is, he is already more than I am, or will be. He is the greatest gift his mother and I have ever received. He is God’s breath in my life, the buttress of my faith, the hope for a better tomorrow, and how I define love. My failures fade in the brilliance of his being.

Elijah tempers my faults. When my hands are clenched in rage he unfurls them with innocence. When I boil with frustration and contempt for the moments of my life I find unbearable, he calms. If I grab and hold steadfast to intolerance, he reaches with open arms to embrace the unknown. Every dream I carry each day in flights of fancy is replaced with the solid hope for his happiness and strong growth. He gives me reason to covet only he and his mothers comfort in times of need and fills my heart when it feels empty.

Elijah is my dreams growing each day. Each tomorrow is filled with a chance to carry him through the trials of his life. Whether it be helping him roll from his belly to his back and back to his belly again, or celebrating his first time catching a ball. Comforting him after a fall when all he needs is to know I am there, or sitting with him when he first falls in love and when he taste the sting of lost love.

It is only fitting to close this thought with humble appreciation for the wife who carried Elijah for nine months and birthed him into this world, with awe of a God who made it possible to spread joy in such a profound way, and with unyielding love for a son whom I hope will only taste the best of life, but should he face trials, that he face them squarely and rise above them.

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Stop the presses and withdraw the former blogs claims.  What was a solitary laugh has grown into full fledged laughing in only a day.  Someone said they would not accept not hitting all developmental milestones with authority.  With much fanfare I present EJ in laugh major:

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Things become busy quickly don’t they.  I was shooting for a post, or more, a day, with at least one from training and something of substance for the non-powerlifters out there.  Alas, I see that I have posted nothing since the 1st and that the post from the 1st are a training video and a rant about one of the many low points of our society. How does one rise from those ashes? I’ll begin with praising our handsome son Elijah.

Friday Elijah went for his four month pediatric visit.  The visit included the standard measuring of his growth, discussing developmental benchmarks and the oft maligned vaccination round. Our little man, while lighter than I had thought at only(!) 15.41 pounds, was still busting out above the 75th percentile. In like kind his length/height of 25.75 inches was also above the 75th percentile.  Like his father, he excels at head size, with a measurement in the 75th to 90th percentile.  Developmentally, I couldn’t be more pleases.

Elijah began rolling to his side a few weeks ago and the day before our visit he rolled to his belly without being unhappy about being there.  He rolls often to pick up his much loved green dinosaur and just to study whatever room he happens to be in at the time. In addition, he tracks his mother and I, as well as others, when we enter the room and from distances greater than ten feet.  The later indicating he is developing visually as he should. His sound repertoire is growing and he smiles frequently.  He, as of yet, has not become an active and vocal laugher, but I have no worries here, as he smiles almost continuously.  He meets the person entering a room should they be making noise. telling us his hearing is healthy. His sense of touch is strong with responses to little kisses on his cheeks and playing with his feet.Possibly most importantly, he is learning to grab things in front of his chest as we move to him holding his own bottle.  Of course, this will usher in a new day of freedom for his mother and I.  Although, we also move closer to kid proofing and chasing a little crawler with insatiable curiosity. Finally, Elijah began his road to solid foods with rice cereal after the visit.

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After being up an hour and becoming fussy, and following bottle and diaper time it was time to call in the big guns; the mobile. Ann picked this magical piece of wonderment up from a friend two weeks ago. It makes letting him cry it out to fall asleep much less cry and a much shorter duration.

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