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Only a Man

I am a man.  Only a man.  I am built of passion, the sinews of muscle that bind these bones, and the blood that stirs, but passion is my master.

I will carry love through the battlegrounds of this world, through life and into death.  When hope is lost you will find my strength.

I am a force of rage.  I will cut through the family trees of my enemies, from the strongest root to the newest growth.

I am a man. Only a man. I am built of passion. I am a juggernaut, but fall without the embrace of others.

I cry fiery tears of despair when I imagine a world bereft of your presence. I sit alone on an island built on the rocks that are my fears.

My memory is built upon many things, but rage holds my hand to lead me forward. I embrace vengeance for past affronts and grow flush with anticipation.

I am a man. A broken man. My flaws are manifold and I see few solutions.

I cling to those that can carry my shattered heart in the wake of my actions.  Those whose flesh I would carry through the battles they lack the strength to wage alone.

Without passion I am neither the hero, nor the companion I must be.  I am only a shell. A man none-the-less, but only flesh.

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USAPL Georgia days 4 and 5

Working hard to regain strength lost during deadlift focus and add new strength.  Rough day, but we moved some iron and it was better than our first bench day back, by miles.  I like the heavy negative concept to work on getting used to the heavier weight and improve my strength at the chest for pausing.  Here are the numbers, followed by the video, and there is info about D4, squat, afterwards:

Bench press—set intensity following wave protocol 44 x 25, 132 x 10, 176 x 5, 220 x 3, –begin pausing first rep
281 x 3, 297 x 2, 314 x 1, 286 x 3,
297 x 2, 314 x 1, 286 x 3, 303 x 2,
319 x miss
Heavy negative BP 341 x 10 seconds down, 9 seconds paused at chest
Close-grip BP 154 x 5, 198 x 5, 231 x 5, 281 x 4
Superset Tricep pushdowns 70 x 7, 90 x 7, 110 x 5 ½
Front lateral raises 20 x 8, 25 x 8, 20 x 8

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With regards to D4, squat day, I deleted some of the video and decided to just call it a loss. It was a rough workout to say the least. I decided to hit some waves and go for volume at various intensities to jar the system back into action. The session was performed on Sunday, 31 October 2010 and here are the numbers:

Squat—set intensity following wave protocol, volume 44 x 10, 132 x 8, 198 x 5, 264 x 3,
331 x 2, –added belt 374 x 2, –heavy, lot of work to do 264 x 3, 331 x 2,
385 x 1, 286 x 3, 352 x 2, 308 x 3,
374 x 3, 331 x 3

Needless to say, everything felt heavy. On Friday we will hit some walkouts and look to go back up to 420 for 4 reps, should that be an issue, I’ll hit doubles until I cry.

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It had been about a month since this table was updated and what better time then when we are looking forward to our next competition and laying out the groundwork for success at it?

Lift Reps: 1 2 3 4 5


Dec 9, 2009


Sep 24, 2010


Aug 13, 2010


Sept 17, 2010


Aug 6, 2010



Oct 10, 2010


Feb 16, 2010


Sep 25, 2010


Sep 25, 2009


Apr 23, 2010



Oct 23, 2010


Aug 11, 2010


Aug 11, 2010


Sept 15, 2010


Sept 15, 2010

Here are the last three training days strung all together. A bit behind at this moment leads to a giant post:

Monday, 25 October 2010, D1, Bench assist

Pretty decent day. Normally wouldn’t have worn a belt on presses, but my back was still out of sorts from a twinge on my last warm-up and first attempt at the NOTLD (which I am still reveling over). I am pretty sure that is my best triple. I know I’ve hit 209 for a single at least, possibly a double. On incline dumbbell presses I couldn’t have been more pleased. Never played with the 120s on it. In fact, I tied my flat bench dumbbell press PR with this set.

I am most concerned with jump starting my bench and squat after the deadlift focus the past month, or so. If I am going to qualify for Raw Unity, or make a push for the state total record, they have to be up to snuff.

Typing this 21 days out I can say that my bench was weak yesterday, but I expect a quick return. Best contest numbers are 457-308-457 for a 1328 total at the Georgia last year and 451-319-562 for a 1332 total at the Battle on the Borer in March. Of course, I pulled 606 at the NOTLD. I need a whopping 1509 to qualify for Raw Unity and 1485 to beat the USAPL GA Raw total record. The other Georgia records are: 534-380-639.

Here is the particulars:

Military Press 44 x 15, 88 x 8, 132 x 5, 154 x 5,
176 x 5, 198 x 3 ½
Incline Dumbbell Press 50 x 10, 90 x 6, 100 x 6, 110 x 6,
120 x 4
Bench Dips —x 10, +55 x 10, +88 x 10, +110 x 10
Side Lateral Raises 20 x 8, 25 x 8, 30 x 8

Wednesday, 27 October 2010, D2, Deadlift

Rough day.  My low back was still unhappy at the point I did this workout, and is still, slowly, improving.  I had a light day planned to day and decided to run beltless with the pause to work on weak points.  The pause fries your mid back and upper back and should help with my slow down point.  I only rested enough to cut the prior video, so a minute, or so, and it was brutal.  Lets you know what kind of shape you’re in real quick.  Here are the numbers:

Deadlift 165 x 8, 275 x 6, 385 x 2, 429 x 5,
429 x 3, 429 x 3, 429 x 3

Thursday, 28 October 2010, D3, Bench

Weak on bench due to ignoring it.  All-in-all it went well.  Super-setted last two exercise.  Not much else to say. Here are the numbers:

Bench press 44 x 35, 132 x 10, 176 x 5, 220 x 2,
264 x 5, 264 x 5, 264 x 5
Close-grip bench press 154 x 5, 198 x 5, 231 x 5, 264 x 5
Super-setted Front lateral raises 20 x 8, 20 x 8, 20 x 8
Tricep pushdowns 70 x 7, 80 x 7, 90 x 7

I am writing this Sunday and this afternoon it will be time to squat. This is the big day to push. It will also entail some heavy shrugs to continue working on my lockout. Tomorrow I have some random assist work which will probably not make it to video. Although, I may be looking to hit a pull-up PR, so it may? Then we start over again at bench assist. Next week will be much heavier.

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After the surprise of my lifting results being put up on in the following thread:


Steve Winburn at the Night of the Living Dead


I have the pleasure of learning that my blog on the results and the meet are now also featured on and on at the following URLS:


The Night of the Living Dead, Lifters Without Borders, and My First 600+ Pull on, and

The Night of the Living Dead, Lifters Without Borders, and My First 600+ Pull on


These are follow ups to my first showings on the above sites for my PRpalooza deadlift PR of a few months ago:


PRpalooza day 1 deadlift PR 555 x 3 on, and

PRpalooza day 1, deadlift PR 555 x 3, featured on 70sBig in reader\’s appreciation article.


To say the least it has been a great year for me so far.  Thank you to everyone who helped me on this journey.

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