A bit about me:

I am  35 year old husband of over six years now with a new son, Elijah, in whom I am well pleased.  Currently I am working on a Ph. D. in Mathematics at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.  Originally I am from Hephzibah, GA, which is near Augusta, GA.  In addition to my new son, wife Ann and math I have two great passions; powerlifting and reading. The former is my bulwark against the weaker parts of me and my longest and most faithful friend.

My love affair with weights began at, or around, the age of five. My Grandfather, Steven Vose, owned a 200(?)lb standard York barbell set, a 300lb York Olympic power set, a set of  York Aristocrat dumbbells and a spattering of odd plates.  It was with these weights i began my journey.  My Grandfather sealed the deal when he gave me a York junior set of only 25lbs. on my seventh Christmas in 1981.  I have lifted weights now for over thirty years.

I now have been gifted those sets which began my passion and built a gym with all I need.  Over the years I have gone from desiring to be one of the bodybuilders of yesteryear from Muscle & Fitness magazine, Sammir Banout, Arnold, Franco and others, and began an impassioned pursuit od physical strength as a competitive powerlifter.

I competed for the first time in 1995 at the USPF Washington State Championship in Seattle, WA.  Competing at a weight of 149lbs in the 165 class I won my first contest.  The victory was bittersweet. I would not compete again for fourteen years when I returned to competition in the 220lb class at the USAPL Georgia & Southern States.  With my teens and twenties behind me I have found the wisdom and patience necessary to become a great powerlifter.  However, fourteen years is a great loss of time towards that goal.