Nice follow up day after my rough day squatting. Add to it this was done at 10 PM after getting up at 7:30, grading the first calculus test for my class and after two hours of softball practice and I am quite pleased.

On bench I went up to 308 x 4. The first rep was paused, but inadequately so. The four reps at 308 best my best TNG by 8 pounds and my best paused four by 22 pounds. I then went on to hit a close-grip PR of 292 x 4. I had never established a four rep PR, but my closest prior PR was 275 x 6. My best close-grip single is 308, so this was nice.

This was the day I needed. My bench has shown me no love for a number of months, other than not going down. It was the one lift I feared I would not crush my numbers from last years Georgia this year. Two waves left.

Here are the numbers followed by the video:

Bench press 44 x 20, 132 x 10, 198 x 3; add WWs 254 x 2; start pausing 1st rep
308 x 4; 22 lb PR
Close-grip BP 154 x 5, 198 x 5; add WWs 254 x 5, 292 x 4; PR of sorts*
Cross bench dumbbell pullover 60 x 8, 70 x 8, 80 x 8

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