This was not the day I had hoped for. Life had been throwing poo at me before this and I walked in with the will to give it a try. This week my pirformis has taken a turn for pain in the rear and has caused a good deal of pain in my right knee and apparent instability. It has not been manifesting in my squatting, but I am always cautious. The squatting was just bad. I am thankful for the begninning of my last wave next week and only having to squat 395 for three sets of five, something I never imagined I would say. What were the problems?

I had been tasked with focusing on a spot to maintain head position. For the most part that went well, with the exception of the third attempted rep at 450, but it seems with each cue I add in that I have been missing I let one go. In particular, I did not focus on getting my knees out early on the descent. I imagine I am also not pushing on my belt. Add to this my OCD need to drop my chest and you have the recipe for my epic fail on the third rep. I should add that the 450 x 2 was a five pound PR as far as two rep PRs go in my existence. Josh posited some remedies:
1. Pause squatting,
2. goodmorning-squats.
I chose the latter. They sucked. My quads were unhappy, particularly my right. My hamstrings were unhappy, particularly my left. This seems to be a manifestation of the hip imbalances a tight pirformis will cause. Been working hard on stretching out the right side, but it seems dedicated to staying tight. In the seated pirformis stretch with one leg crossed over the other, think gentleman with good posture, my right knee sits two to four inches higher at any given check.

The workout particulars are given in the table below with the video and some forward looking plans following them:

Squat 45 x 10, 45 x 8, 135 x 10, 225 x 4; add belt and WWs
315 x 2, 365 x 1, 405 x 1, 450 x 2; miss on 3
Goodmorning-squat 135 x 5, 135 x 4, 135 x 5, 155 x 5,
155 x 5, 155 x 5
Hyperextensions —x 8*
Lying leg raises —x 12, —x 12, —x 12

*A note on the hypers: My back was cramping and I decided it would be better to leave these alone since I am pulling heavy Monday, to the tune of 501 for three sets of five.

Now, looking forward. We have NOTLD on October 23rd for sure. There is a possibility for a bench meet in early October. The USAPL Georgia is on November 20th, then possibly the Strongest Dawg in early December. Moving into 2011 there is a possibility for Raw Unity in January if I total high enough at the Gerogia and then I will probably relax until Nationals. Last year I did the Battle on the Border, but I need a nice stretch to work out the kinks.

After NOTLD I have four weeks until the Georgia, I will run another wave, possibly the same as the one I start next week, and focus on clean consistent lifting to put in a 9 for 9 showing at the Georgia. The Strongest Dawg would be for fun and I would just call it a training day. That would leave me another four to five week block before the possibility of Raw Unity. Now, should I make Raw Unity, that will be it until Nationals, if not I will probably hit the Battle on the Border. Either way I am considering running Sheiko again for the rep count practice the program yields. Had great results last time, and I imagine I will again. I love my program, but I still need to tweak the percentages. Maybe make the second wave jump smaller and make the third week crescendo more to create a stronger peaking affect. The former idea would be to keep form tighter through it all and avoid burn out or early peaking. Right now the aggravates are approxiamtely:
W1: 80-85-90
W2: 86-92-98
W3: 91-96.5-102,
where the aggravates are built on one rep max projections, for example: 69% x 5 = 80%, and so on. The lower percentages help with not getting burned out. Of course, I have been aggressive in estimating maxes going in to programs before, and that is probably my sin here. In either case, I need to lay things out. I have also considered a volume block with a wave rep scheme of 7-6-4, or something similar. Another idea is increasing set count in the current rep scheme. Primarily, I need to improve my work capacity and endurance.

Feel free to make suggestions.

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