Not the day I had hoped for, but I would be a fool if I didn’t focus on the fact I am still ahead of the curve for pulling 600 at the meet.  I missed a triple at 551 (555 with all the extra collars and crap so I’d be ready for reverse band pulls).  I decided I would avoid hitching it to finish.  Bad days happen.  On Reverse band pulls I missed 622 below the knees, but that seems to be a theme.  If I am true to past performance I will pull 627 RB next Monday.  After the miss at 622 I decided to get a few extra reps in at 540 to get some work in.

I could be mistaken, but my set-up on both deadlifts and RB deadlifts may have been off.  It looks as if I may have been forward of the weight and it was too far out in front as a result.

Assistance I hit pull-ups with +30 pounds for 3 1/2.  Last attempt at this weight I hit 1, so it is improving.  My upper and midback have been fatigued since the introduction of reverse band pulls, but it is thickening up nicely, so it is working.  During the deload when the fatigue subsides it should be a beautiful thing.

Here are the important numbers and video:

Deadlift 154 x 8, 275 x 5;

added belt

385 x 3, 495 x 1,
551 x 2;

miss on 3

RB deadlift 551 x 1, 622 x miss, 540 x 2
Pull-ups —x 5, +10 x 5, +20 x 5, +30 x 3; miss on 4
—x 7; miss on 8
Roman chair sit-ups +22 x 8, +33 x 8, +44 x 8
Lying leg raises —x 12, —x 10

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