Today began with a 5lb squat PR, but was not the day I wanted to see happen. On my second heavy set I moved the weight up 10 pounds and got too far forward on the third rep, the bar rolled up on my traps and I missed the lift. The consensus is that my eye position is a major problem. I am so fixated on one technical cue, or another, that I was not fixing my gaze, and therefore my head position. Net result, my head falls, then my chest, and the weight is now in front of my center of gravity. In general, a strong back has been my saving grace here, but should not need to be. Next we moved on to practice reps at 405 to see if the problem could be fixed.

Our first goal during the singles was to make sure i could fix my gaze. This went well and I maintained torso and head position, but I noticed on review that my knees weren’t getting out so I still had a good deal of forward lean. On the last two single I also moved the bar down to the tops of my shoulders, just above my AC joints.

On bench, things felt stiff, but the reps all happened. I have moved to pausing only the first rep to try and get some speed going on the following reps. My primary bench issue is wasting energy on the descent. It was stiff last week too. It can continue to feel stiff, not an issue, as long as I make the reps I will be hitting PRs starting in two weeks, and also at the meet in November.

On assistance work things went better. Made it a bit further on front squats, although, I have done much better. On Close-grip bench things hit their peak . My top set of 275 x 5 was one rep shy of my current PR of 275 x 6 at the weight. Next week I’ll be looking for 285 x 5.

One final reflection is that I piggybacked two days since Ann and I had to prepare for her to go meet my 5 month old son Elijah’s new cousin Judah. Judah was born healthy after a long 11 hours after his mother’s water broke. At over eight pounds he was 25% heavier than EJ. Next week I should be able to keep things separate, which should lead to some nice numbers. Squat has a scheduled 5 pound PR of 450 x 3. To put it in perspective, I squatted 457 for the first time, after missing 455 three weeks earlier, at the USAPL GA last November, and only 452 at the USAPL Battle on the Border this March in North Carolina. For comparison at the Georgia these were my lifts, followed by my planned openers this year:

1st-385, good
2nd-418, good
3rd-457, good

1st-281, good
2nd-308, good
3rd-331, miss
opener-at least 319

3rd-540, good

So things are moving nicely. Here are the training session numbers:

Squat 45 x 8, 135 x 6, 225 x 4, Add Belt and WWs 315 x 2,
375 x 1, 420 x 4, 5lb PR 430 x 2, miss on 3 405 x 1,
405 x 1, low bar 405 x 1, low bar
Bench press 45 x 25, 135 x 10, 225 x 2, begin pausing 1st rep 275 x 4,
275 x 4, 275 x 4
Front squat 135 x 5, weightlifting grip(WG) 185 x 4, elbows falling WG 205 x 5, arms crossed 225 x 5, WG
Close-grip bench 135 x 5, 185 x 5, Add WWs 225 x 5, 255 x 5,
275 x 5, current PR 275 x 6

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