Not bad. Military press was heavy feeling compared to last time. Incline felt good except, of course, for the false start. My shoulder was so scared it cried. Last run I hit 100 x 8. This run 105 x 9, almost 10. Looks like 110 x 6, or even 115 next week. At the 120s I have to figure out how to rig bigger dumbbells. I also need to try and add some tricep work next week. This evening I have shoulder prehab: external rotation, medial rotation, and Y-raises. Here is the sessions details:

Military press 44 x 15, 88 x 5, 132 x 5, 154 x 5,
176 x 5, 192 x 2
Incline dumbbell press 40 x 10, 75 x 6, 85 x 6, 95 x 6,
105 x false start, 105 x 9 1/2

Here is the video of the top two sets on military, top two on incline, and my false start. My face is a combination of fear and utter surprise.

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