Went fairly well. Weighed in at 214.2 before my workout. I’ve been light the last week, or Bodyfat dropped from 13.4% to 13% in the same period. The trick is not losing, and hopefully gaining, strength after all is said and done.

Each set was an adventure, as I attempted to adjust problems as they became apparent during the workout. The top issues remain getting my knees out on the descent and driving my head back on the ascent. I believe that I am seeing something similar to what Mike Tuscherer was describing in one of his videos. I can’t come out of the hole with my head high, but it needs to be up and back before the sticking point to keep my torso moving. Always something to work on. Here is the workout. Just squatting.

Squat 44 x 8, 44 x 8 132 x 3, 154 x 3,
*176 x 3, **198 x 3, 220 x 3, *³242 x 3,
264 x 3, *⁴286 x 3, 308 x 3

The asterisks:
*Worked actively on lifting my head when I came out of the hole on this one and after.
**Too much lean. Not focusing on knees getting out early and staying out. Make it a focus actively.
***A wider stance may make it easier to keep my torso upright with the higher bar. Consideration. Try it out next technique day and see how it feels.
****Moved my feet out a bit, but I was already feeling fatigued, so it may not be the best time to evaluate the affect.
*****Tried to get down faster. Still not getting knees out early as I should. Net result is me leaning over because my hips aren’t opened up and the only solution is for my rear to drift back while my torso collapses forward.

Where to go from this workout. I believe I may be better benefited by more sets and less weight. Possibly doubling up to a weight I can move at a reasonable speed while maintaining form, then hitting a number of sets. Doubles may also be an idea here. Another idea is looking at pause squats to work on staying in position in the bottom.

I also need make some volume decisions. Clearly I should be shooting for assistance work, but I already run more days than I should, possibly. I have been hitting RDLs and front squatting, as well as some ab work. This seems fine as is. I also have to decide how best to add GPP into the mix. I now have a battle rope courtesy of Sherman Ledford for working on the prowler at Quest. I was thinking battle rope on upper body days and prowler on lower body dominate days. Could call dead lift day a day of rest. That would be prowler on Monday/Friday and battle rope on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.

On Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. I was considering pushing Tuesday to more of a shoulder dominant workout. It already begins with military press, then on to incline dumbbell press. I could then hit some side laterals and possibly finish with medial and external rotation for prehab. Thursday is already heavy bench; bench, close-grip, dumbbell pullovers, and front plate raises. This leaves the question of Saturday. If I leave out the battle rope, this would be the day. I like what I did this past Saturday at Quest: Speed bench, barbell rows, dips, and the unfinished portion was some bicep work and seated dumbbell presses. The focus on bicep work is because I am having pain after benching and squatting and believe my bicep weakness, a stabilizer in both, is causing a good bit of it. If you were curious.

Without further adieu, the workout video:

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