Today while wandering through the YouTubes landscape I watched SxePhil’s video of the day. His videos are of news snippets and random info. The story that caught me, and made me think that some people have no place in our society, or any other for that matter, was about a girl throwing puppies into a river. Now I am of the opinion that this person should receive whatever torture is most excruciating and allows her to live as long as possible during it. I loathe such people more than the common violent criminal because of the puppies inability to defend themselves and the helplessness and fear they must feel until their untimely deaths. This is reminiscent of the soldier in Iraq which posted a video of puppies being thrown off a cliff. Since law enforcement can rarely handle these situations due to naive laws which don’t values the lives of animals I believe this to be a perfect situation to realize the power of vigilantism. I’m not saying go out and torture the girl, but some hard-core harassment to stoke her own fears and kindle some common sense wouldn’t be a bad thing. Here is the video if you care to watch it. I recommend you not, as it is inflammatory to even the common psycho/sociopath.

Twisted Girl Throws New Born Puppies In A River!

This video was originally posted on LiveLeak.  Whether it is real, or not, makes no difference in my opinion.  It takes the same moral decrepitude to throw real, or fake, dead, or alive, puppies into a river.  This story needs to be spread so others recognize this as unacceptable and have any such idea expunged from their considerations.  It is rumored, at this point, the girl has been revealed and people are actively harassing her.  In particular, she has already taken down her Facebook profile.  It is important, also, not to forget the piece of trash who was willingly holding the camera during this whole event.

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