Initially I had the honor of featuring my deadlift PR of 555 x 3 on their news feed. A surprise I did not expect when I submitted it, considering the many news articles about, what I consider a bunch of great lifters in general,it would be featured next to. The article is here for that feature:

PRpalooza day 1 deadlift PR 555 x 3

I have now had the additional honor of having this incredible, for me, deadlift PR of 37 pounds featured on, which can be found here in the reader’s appreciation section:

PRpalooza day 1, deadlift PR 555 x 3, featured on 70sBig in reader\’s appreciation article

It is humbling to be featured in both. I would like to thank those that thought the video worthy.

Alongside this achievement in my march back to competition and powerlifting self actualization, this stands beside my squat PR of 445 x 3, which was an easy 35 pound PR for me. Squatting is my most difficult lift and I am overly pleased with this PR considering the trouble squatting gives me. My squat generally stalls, then surges. The goal is to replace the stalling with more surging. I utilized my 5-4-3 template, which is a nine week cycle involving three, three week long, intensity waves. If you would like to check it out it can be found on the training templates page.  You will need a gmail or google account to access it.  It is editable so you can put in your current maxes and give it a try:

5-4-3 training template

The video of the squat PR can be found on my YouTube page here:

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