Today went reasonably well.  For the third day in a row I rested by welding and grinding on the Quest prowler.  Shoulder was killing me due to some bicep tendon impingement issues.  Changing my squat grip seems to be causing it.  Started with ACs, which are better now, and now this.  With better feeling shoulders I would have gone onto chain presses after incline dumbbell presses, but we’ll get there.  Goal is to get some quality assistance exercises in these sessions to shore up weakness in my lift.  Today was all about shoulders, and in the future, lockout strength and speed, also. The prehab/rehab exercises will continue as I pursue my goal of getting my internal and external rotators more in balance.  The session sets, reps, and weights are given in the following table followed by a video of the top two sets on military presses and incline dumbbell presses:

Military press 44 x 15, 88 x 5, 132 x 5, 143 x 5,
165 x 5, 182 x 5
Incline dumbbell press 40 x 15, 70 x 6, 80 x 6, 90 x 6,
100 x 8
External rotation; orange fitness band —x 15, —x 15, —x 15
Medial rotation; orange fitness band —x 25

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