I was happier with my back position on squatting, that is, maintaining my low back arch. I would have been happier if I had stayed more on my heels. I did avoid being the goodmorning king on ascent, which was a win. The primary cause when my elbows are down for me leaning forward seems to be my knees getting out at the beginning of the descent. My abs were still sore from Monday so I called that good. Again, today my rest was occupied with welding on the Quest prowler. The training session sets and reps are given in the following table and the video after it.

Squat 44 x 8, 132 x 6, 132 x 5, 242 x 3,
264 x 3, 286 x 3, 308 x 3, 331 x 3
Hyperextensions —x 8 11 x 8, 22 x 8, 33 x 8

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