I have been much happier than today.  I had trouble keeping focused on getting my knees out to maintain a strait bar path on descent. Keeping focused on that and keeping my elbows under the bar.  I am noticing there may be a tendency for me to lean forward on my squats at home.  I believe that my cross bar, although only 1/4 inch thick, is causing spring from the rear of the platform.  Tomorrow I’ll fix it and see if it fixes the problem.  Today was also the longest workout I have run in awhile.  Rest between sets involved cutting, drilling, and welding on the prowler from Quest to stabilize it and add some functionality to it.  This all added up to a tired powerlifter typing this.

The workout details, including sets and reps, are given in the table below, and the video is embedded below it.  Going forward I am looking at adding a walkout after the squats on Friday and a rack pull, or three, after pulls on Wednesday.  I have decided to run only one bench cycle this cycle and to focus on assistance work to strengthen the weak points that lead to my stagnation on the past cycle. The asterisk on the last front squat set is to note the second rep was dumped and I decided to be cautious and use this as a  building point for next week.

Squat 45 x 8, 45 x 10, 133 x 8, 221 x 5,
309 x 2, 348 x 5, 348 x 6, 348 x 5
RDL 155 x 5, 221 x 5, 287 x 5, 332 x 5,
364 x 5
Front squat 155 x 5, 177 x 5, 199 x 1*
Lying leg raises — x 12, — x 12, — x 12

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