It was hot again after a teaser week last week.  Not an exciting event.  Things went well, however, my form has slid a bit.  I am wondering if not doing hyperextensions lately has caused it?  Could just be poor technique and not a strength imbalance too.  This was the lightest day of the cycle. Next week we jump to 480 x 4 x 3.  Here is the workout as performed with warm-ups.  I’ve never warmed up much on pulls.  Just feels natural. Next week I am shooting for getting some type of row in and, most likely, hyperextensions to a top 7-10 reps.

Dead lift 154 x 5, 154 x 5, 275 x 3, 385 x 1
430 x 5, 430 x 5, 430 x 5
Pulldowns, Shoulder width parallel grip 140 x 5, 160 x 5, 180 x 5, 200 x 5,
180 x 7

This is the accompanying video:

I am also considering only running one bench cycle this cycle instead of the two to one ration with squats and deads. I looked over my past workout cycles and also found that I generally hit a top set on assistance after moving up through three or four sets after choosing a rep scheme for the day. The extra heavy day will be replaced with something like speed work, or chains just for overload, and other pressing motions.

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