A failed 23lb PR run on bench with 315 x 3, and training sessions from march before the Battle on the Border indicate mistakes in planning and preparation.  It’s back to the drawing board for the next cycle.  Notable changes going forward will be widening of my grip, pausing only the first rep and a closer look at assistance work.  While I did not succeed at my goal I present the video here for posterity.  Let it not be said that I only smiled on sunny days and when rainbows were present. Lifting, like life, requires us to forge on even in the light of failure and adversity to come.

Tomorrow we charge full steam into the last day of PRpalooza with an attempt to break our current squat triple personal record of 410 x 3.  Look for news on the attempt later in the evening.  To keep up with new posts, whether it be on powerlifting or an introspective piece by a guy you probably thought needed sensitivity training click the subscribe button in the side bar.

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