For the last month the iPhone has not been making outgoing calls correctly.  I attempt to make a call and it tells me it is attempting to make the call but I have to cancel the call and try again until it actually begins ringing.  As of late, the last two weeks, every do, or so, I have to shut it down between texts because it will not retrieve emails or contact the cellular network.

As it happens there is an Apple store in Augusta and I was able to go by on our visit Saturday.  At their suggestion I began the process of restoring the phone.  This entailed synching the phones contacts with an app that I bought because I don’t have Outlook, or a similar program.  I also needed to transfer all media for replacing after the restore and had to select all texts I needed to keep and forward them to my email. On the later issue, why in the heck does Apple not have a select all feature for the edit function in the text environment? This took about three hours to do.

Restoring the phone took iTunes about thirty minutes then it was time to re-synch contacts and restore the media.  The contacts worked out beautifully using the iBackup app.  The media was another issue all together.  A couple months ago I discovered how to create folders in my photos environment.  Basically, you create the folders you want on your PC or Mac and synch the iPhone with it as your pictures file.  The iPhone then happily loads the pictures in your subtitled folder names.  This was not the case after the restore.  No folders. 700+ pictures with no organizational premise. Back to search through ’til you find what your looking for land.  Less aggravating, but still not cool, the playlists in iTunes are all lost and all the apps load in alphabetical order on your screens.  Que the one hour of organizing apps into folders, naming folders and sorting their location on the iPhone.  Mysteriously the calculator is not to be found.  What have I done to deserve this? What starving homeless child standing shoeless in the cold and rain did I laugh at through the window of a restaurant while eating steak and sipping expensive wine?

The joy did not end with the many hours I spent on this odyssey.  As it would happen, when I went to send my loving wife the first text the restored iPhone has been asked to send since the restore, the iPhone failed to send the text and I had to reboot.  This was not only the first text.  I had made no calls and sent no emails. The iPhone b**** slapped me for the audacity of believing I could follow the suggested advice of the, Apple proclaimed, genius at the Genius Bar to fix what ails me.  I have learned that the doctors advice will not suffice.

Going forward I know I face the joy of returning to one of the two Apple store, the closest 50 miles away, to have yet another genius peer at me with contempt because Apple will not admit there is a problem with my $4oo phone and help, but rather suggest a labor intensive torture which makes me appreciate carrier pigeons and days gone by.  So I sit here musing to my three readers about my missives about my phone knowing I am stuck with it because it has enslaved me to its features.

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